Caring for the Elderly
Population in South Florida


60% in nursing homes will never receive a single visit from family or friends.

10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 in America daily.


19% of America’s elderly population reside in the state of Florida.

Outreach for Change


Connecting churches to care centers, volunteers to the elderly, hearts to hearts.


Advocate on behalf of the modern day orphan, the elderly in care centers.


Respond to the social and emotional support needs of elderly residents.


Engage volunteers into providing relationships with the elderly communities.

Get Involved

Heart2Heart Outreach recognizes that the only ANSWER to meeting the social, emotional and spiritual needs of elderly care residents is PEOPLE. Please consider becoming one of our C.A.R.E. Partners! There are so many ways that you can help to fill in the gap of loneliness and isolation. We are looking for compassionate and caring people to join us in making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of thousands right here in our own communities.

Our Vision:

“We exist to Provide Hope, Share Love and 
Restore Purpose to the Aging Population.”