Volunteers, thank you for actively choosing to be apart of the Heart2Heart team to help the vulnerable and aging community.

H2H will enter your information into our system, and add you as part of our strategic response team for our community. The most vulnerable group of people to be affected by community viruses, such as Coronavirus, is the aging population. The aging population is anyone over the age of 60 who lives in their home or currently resides in a care center.

During a time of crisis the elderly population face unprecedented hurdles that the rest of the public will never know of. That’s why we need to mobilize the local (C)hurch and anyone else who is willing to participate in the efforts to step into a unique space and advocate for those who are most in need – the elderly.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer and/or receive notifications as we prepare for strategic response efforts, please fill out the form below by clicking here.