Florida’s Aging Issue

South Florida leads the nation in the number of elderly residents per capita. A vast majority of residents in long term care centers do not receive any visitors at all; not from family members, friends, or sadly, even the church. Most of the residents are lonely and feel abandoned.

Statistics for Florida’s Elderly

1 in 8

Americans are over the age of 65… This number will be 1 in 5 by the year 2020


or more elderly care centers are in Broward County


Baby Boomers are turning age 65 in America every day


elderly residents live in Broward County care centers


of America’s elderly population reside in the state of Florida


or more will never receive a single visit from family or friends

The Social Emotional Model of C.A.R.E.


Launched in 2018, Heart2Heart Outreach’s new innovative program rapidly expands a robust volunteer network, supported by strong community partnerships and collaborative efforts, to provide a holistic impact (social/emotional, psycho/spiritual, cognitive/mental, physical) on aging adults in South Florida.

Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida is extending and implementing a direct CARE Social Emotional program model, which not only understands deeper levels of loneliness and isolation in an empirical manner, but draws crucial attention to the issue by catalyzing action to end social isolation among older adults. The aim is to professionally develop civic engagement by mobilizing and training a volunteer network which impacts the quality care and quality of life for low income elders living in long-term aging adult institutions.
A strategic and scalable capacity building network is critical. With the right strategic Supporting Partners and growth in Implementing Partners, Heart2Heart will meet elder participant “at-risk” needs before crisis develops. Social isolation and loneliness decrease, as well as the deterioration of cognitive, physical and social emotional functions: the social determinants, which at present and empirically increase dependence on medical utilization and hinder physical, emotional and psychological well-being.