Area Agency on Aging – Broward County

How did a young lad in Ireland become friends with one of the biggest bands in history? Music had been a part of Paul’s life from early on; dreaming of becoming an international sensation.


Growing up in a small Georgia logging town was challenging for a family of seven during the 1930’s. She never dreamed that she be the last of her family still alive today.


The winters were cold and the life was tough in the poor mining “coal” towns of Kentucky. Charles was raised by his grandmother, and he loved her dearly. He called her his “best friend”, and she loved to spoil him.


Irma grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania in a small coal mining community. She had a passion for sports, but loved roller skating the most. Irma met her husband Marcus when she was 18, and they ran off to Maryland to get married.

The state of Florida is home to the largest elderly population in the United States, and senior citizens are the fastest growing population segment in South Florida. As the state continues to wrestle with this increasing demographic, its elderly care centers and nursing homes have become flooded with tens of thousands of residents; many who are far away from family and friends. With an uncertain economy and unstable healthcare, these elderly residents become increasingly vulnerable to loneliness, social isolation, emotional trauma, and abuse.


Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida recognizes the ANSWER to many of the social and emotional issues that these elderly residents are experiencing is People.

People to care, to listen, to love, to honor, and to share life with our community’s most forgotten population; the elderly living in care centers.

Since 2011, Heart2Heart has matched hundreds of volunteers with over 33 care centers. These committed passionate volunteers have made an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of senior citizens who would otherwise have gotten little or no visits from family and friends.