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C.A.R.E. Outreach

Heart2Heart Outreach developed several newer programs in 2020 to help assist those who are isolated as the pandemic changed our model of C.A.R.E. New digital outreach methods enabled volunteers to reach seniors who were even more isolated than usual. Volunteers began visiting seniors in their private homes.

In 2022, we will be expanding our programs even more, adding iPads for Seniors in March as well as the Food for Hope program later in the year. Below is a restructured chart that encompasses all of the different outreach opportunities we now offer volunteers.

A chart outlining the programs Heart2Heart provides

Digital Outreach

Tablets for Seniors

Tablets for Seniors is a newer program developed out of necessity through the Covid-19 Pandemic. The idea for providing tablets was for residents to speak to their loved ones, and for C.A.R.E. volunteers to reach the aging community using this digital apps, such as Skype or Zoom.

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Heart2Heart Volunteers have been able to provide heart calls and bring weekly reassurance for seniors. Phone calls have allowed for an increase in social interactions and builds the morale of the senior, including providing a level of support they did not previously have. C.A.R.E volunteers have been able to make the older adult feel secure in knowing that they will always have a caring friend they can talk to – and someone who will check on them regularly to ensure their well-being.

Physical Programs

In-Home Visits

There are many in the aging community who live in their own homes, have no family to check in on them and have spiritual, emotional and physical needs that go unchecked. At H2H we have an opportunity to reach people in their own homes, and engage with them on a deeper level. Advocate on behalf of a senior today, learn more HERE.

Groceries for Seniors

We have an opportunity to reach the aging community by providing food. Food donations and food deliveries are always needed, so if you can help in this area by donating food or gift cards for food, this program is one that will bless everyone who has need – the gift of food.

Cozy Blankets

As a C.A.R.E. volunteer you can reach the aging community through our program called ‘Cozy Blanket Project’ – this is a great program for larger groups to get involved and create no-sew blankets for seniors in centers. There are many residents who get cold sitting in there wheelchairs or their beds – we’re able to provide hope by sending a little warmth their way.

Card-Making and Letter Writing

We rely on the colorfully created cards from our C.A.R.E. volunteers to encourage residents and elderly in the community. Cards and letters are so impactful to one who is in need of a kind word.