Our Vision

Mobilizing volunteers to build meaningful, sustainable and life-changing relationships with the elderly in the communities we serve.

Who We Are

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis

The state of Florida is home to the largest elderly population in the United States, and senior citizens are the fastest growing population segment in South Florida. As the state continues to wrestle with this increasing demographic, its elderly care centers and nursing homes have become flooded with tens of thousands of residents; many who are far away from family and friends. With an uncertain economy and unstable healthcare, these elderly residents become increasingly vulnerable to loneliness, social isolation, emotional trauma, and abuse.

Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida recognizes the ANSWER to many of the social and emotional issues that these elderly residents are experiencing is People.

People to care, to listen, to love, to honor, and to share life with our community’s most forgotten population; the elderly living in care centers.

Since 2011, Heart2Heart has matched hundreds of volunteers with over 33 care centers. These committed passionate volunteers have made an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of senior citizens who would otherwise have gotten little or no visits from family and friends.

Core Values


Connecting C.A.R.E. Partners to elderly care centers, volunteers to the elderly, and hearts to hearts.


Advocating on behalf of the new “modern day orphan”, the elderly in care centers.


Responding to the social and emotional support needs of elderly residents in care centers.


Engaging volunteers to build sustainable relationships with elderly residents in care centers.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are crucial to ensuring the success of Heart2Heart by providing governing oversight and strategic support. The ministry relies on the wisdom and experience of its diverse membership to help uphold the integrity and excellence of Heart2Heart Outreach.

Sean Stepelton, Founder & Board Director – Director-Trustee, Stacy Foundation

Serving since 2011

Omar AlemanBoard Chair – CEO, Aleman & Associates

Serving since 2012

Mike RozenblumBoard Director – Speaker, leader, and professional in the chiropractic profession for over 20 years

Serving since 2018

Kim Kent, Board Director – Well-being Coordinator at Team Horner, advocate, community leader

Serving since 2020

Rick DykemaBoard Director – Principal, Cirrus Medical Technologies

Serving since 2014

Barbara Schechter, Board Director – Non-Profit Executive (Retired)

Serving since 2017 

Matt Wright, Board Director – Partner, McKinnon Wright Wealth Management

Serving since 2018

Dolores King St. GeorgeBoard Director – President, GraceNetRadio.com/King Management Group

Served in 2010 as founding member

Serving since 2020



We seek God’s wisdom and His will for every effort and action of this ministry and consider prayer foundational to our success. We believe that spiritual care for the residents is vital and of essence for both their earthly and eternal well-being. In all that we do we seek to acknowledge and honor Jesus Christ and to demonstrate His Love, Hope and Purpose to each other, and to each elderly resident, their family members, care center staff, church volunteer, administrator and donor.


We seek to treat each other, and each elderly resident, family member, care center staff, church volunteer, administrator and donor with respect and to abide by all governing rules, regulation and policies regarding our care center ministry. We believe that the life of an elderly resident is just as valuable as any other person to God and we, therefore, reject the practice of euthanasia regardless of a person’s physical, mental or spiritual condition.


We seek to serve each other, and each elderly resident, their family members, care center staff, church volunteers, administrators and donors with integrity and are committed to remain above reproach in all ministry actions. We believe that the success of this care center ministry will be determined by our willingness to honor God and others with our honesty, reliability and uprightness.


We seek to glorify God through the combined efforts of churches committed to sharing the love, hope and purpose of Jesus Christ to elderly residents in care centers. We believe that uniting the local Body of Christ to provide for the spiritual needs of our elderly will increase the overall impact and effectiveness of this ministry, will be pleasing to God and will serve as an excellent witness to others.


We seek to actively display our love for each other, and to each elderly resident, their family members and care center staff through committed, caring relationships. We believe that the elderly residents, their family members and care center staff require special understanding, kindness and consideration and we will serve them compassionately while demonstrating and sharing the love, hope and purpose of Jesus Christ.